Project Description

Scout automatically finds, enriches, and reaches out to the ideal clients for small local businesses and we crafted a bird logo design for them.

The client preferred a simple, bold, and memorable logo. We chose to create a bird logo design for Scout to express its values and connect with its audience effectively.

The logo design was developed with high precision, and with the right proportions using the golden ratio. The color scheme was meticulously chosen to evoke the desired emotional response from the audience. Additionally, extensive market research informed the selection of typography to ensure maximum readability and impact. Overall, the logo embodies the brand’s values and communicates its identity effectively to its target demographic.

The style guide was the second element we created for Scout and was designed in the same minimalist and simple style as the logo. Furthermore, the style guide provided detailed instructions on how to maintain consistency across different applications.

Our Role
  • Logo Design
  • Style Guide Design
The Client
Scout color logo mark featuring a colorful bird.








Dark Blue


Pure White



Sofia Pro Medium

Sofia Pro medium font.


Scout vertical bird logo design.
Scout horizontal bird logo design.


Scout bird logo design golden ratio.


Scout style guide cover.
Scout style guide bird logo design primary and secondary.
Scout style guide bird logo design clear space.
Scout style guide color palette and typefaces.

our customers feedback

Leon Creative Design did a great job to provide a simple, yet innovate logo. He also worked with us put together a comprehensive brand guide. Great work - we appreciate it!


We tasked Leon Creative Design to come up with a colorful , simple, yet eye-catching brand around our eCommerce Shop name - DanGardan, and they didn’t disappoint. After some back and forth consultations we were presented with the perfect Logo and brand collateral which matched our ethos and vision for the Store. Wed highly recommend Leon Creative Design for all our brand design needs in the future.

Sanat VermaCo founder,

Leon Creative Design's work gracefully captured the concept. I am so grateful to have worked with such a talented and perceptive individual.

Muse of SpitfireCEO

The logo created for us by Leon Creative Design was the chosen one at first sight. We highly recommend them as branding problem solvers. Amazing work - Thanks!

Brindusa ChiuchisanNortia Consulting

Thanks for watching!

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