Project Description

Nortia Consulting asked us to create a letter logo design and a business card design for them.

The request for the logo was to create something minimalist and modern. We combined a graphic chart and the N letter to create something simple and clever at the same time. The design utilizes clean lines and his simplicity ensures that the logo remains memorable and effective across various platforms.

We created the logo design using a square grid, and the overall symbol proportions are a square. The subtle shadows add depth and a touch of modern looking. Additionally, the use of clean, sans-serif typography enhances the logo’s readability and contemporary aesthetic.

Because the company’s field is related to the business world, we decided to choose a color palette that expresses growth. The green shades not only symbolize growth but also represent renewal and prosperity, aligning perfectly with the company’s mission.

For the business card, we used a modern and minimalist layout that incorporates the same values as the logo. This design approach reinforces the brand identity and makes it memorable in the minds of potential clients and partners.

Our Role
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
The Client

The client is an accountancy company.

Nortia Consulting white logo mark featuring a graph chart and a N letter.


Dark Green







Proxima Nova Bold

Proxima Nova Bold font.

Proxima Nova Semibold

Proxima Nova Semibold font.


Nortia Consulting horizontal letter logo design.
Nortia Consulting letter logo design vertical.


Nortia Consulting business card design.

our customers feedback

The logo created for us by Leon Creative Design was the chosen one at first sight. We highly recommend them as branding problem solvers. Amazing work - Thanks!

Brindusa ChiuchisanNortia Consulting

Leon Creative Design's work gracefully captured the concept. I am so grateful to have worked with such a talented and perceptive individual.

Muse of SpitfireCEO

Leon Creative Design did a great job to provide a simple, yet innovate logo. He also worked with us put together a comprehensive brand guide. Great work - we appreciate it!


We tasked Leon Creative Design to come up with a colorful , simple, yet eye-catching brand around our eCommerce Shop name - DanGardan, and they didn’t disappoint. After some back and forth consultations we were presented with the perfect Logo and brand collateral which matched our ethos and vision for the Store. Wed highly recommend Leon Creative Design for all our brand design needs in the future.

Sanat VermaCo founder,

Thanks for watching!

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