Project Description

Muse of Spitfire is a website for which we created a golden ratio logo design and a fully responsive web design.

Our collaborative efforts ensured that both designs encapsulated the essence of the brand. By leveraging the client’s insights and preferences, we achieved designs that resonated deeply with their target audience. This iterative process allowed us to refine the designs until they perfectly reflected the client’s vision and goals.

The logo embodies fire and fun. We carefully selected colors and fonts to evoke specific emotions and perceptions. Each element was strategically aligned with the brand’s identity to create a cohesive visual identity. Through this thoughtful selection process, we aimed to establish a strong and memorable brand presence in the market.

Additionally, we designed a minimalist, text-based, fully responsive website as per the client’s brief. The minimalist approach prioritized clarity and ease of navigation for users. By focusing on textual content, we aimed to convey information effectively and engage visitors with concise messaging. The fully responsive design guarantees a seamless browsing experience across all devices, enhancing user satisfaction and accessibility.

If you want to read more about what the Golden ratio is click here.

Our Role
  • Golden Ratio Logo Design
  • Responsive Web Design
The Client

The client is an author of books and blogs.

Muse of Spitfire white logo mark featuring a girl spitting fire with flame hair.
Warm Red


Neutral Black



Sofia Pro Bold

Sofia Pro bold font.

Sofia Pro Light

Sofia Pro light font.


Muse of Spitfire horizontal golden ratio logo design.
Muse of Spitfire vertical golden ratio logo design.


Muse of Spitfire golden ratio logo design grid.


Muse of Spitfire web design mock-up for phone, laptop, and tablet.

our customers feedback

Leon Creative Design's work gracefully captured the concept. I am so grateful to have worked with such a talented and perceptive individual.

Muse of SpitfireCEO

Leon Creative Design did a great job to provide a simple, yet innovate logo. He also worked with us put together a comprehensive brand guide. Great work - we appreciate it!


We tasked Leon Creative Design to come up with a colorful , simple, yet eye-catching brand around our eCommerce Shop name - DanGardan, and they didn’t disappoint. After some back and forth consultations we were presented with the perfect Logo and brand collateral which matched our ethos and vision for the Store. Wed highly recommend Leon Creative Design for all our brand design needs in the future.

Sanat VermaCo founder,

The logo created for us by Leon Creative Design was the chosen one at first sight. We highly recommend them as branding problem solvers. Amazing work - Thanks!

Brindusa ChiuchisanNortia Consulting

Thanks for watching!

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