Project Description

DanGardan is a luxury leisurewear e-commerce store catering to those who love high-quality brand sports and lifestyle leisurewear. We created a butterfly logo and brand identity design for them.

The theme chosen for the DanGardan branding was the idea of transformation and we thought that a butterfly logo would be a great idea to express that. We have created a minimalist and modern logo using a symbol combination that includes a butterfly and a shopping bag.

For the brand identity design, we have used the same font family as in the logotype. Additionally, we incorporated patterns using the logo mark to achieve a coherent brand identity design.

Additionally, we’ve incorporated the brand colors strategically throughout the design elements to reinforce recognition and cohesion. The use of consistent typography and patterns enhances brand recall across various touch points, fostering a unified visual language. Overall, this meticulous attention to detail ensures a strong and memorable brand presence in the market.

Our Role
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Envelope Design
The Client
DanGardan color logo mark featuring a colorful butterfly and shopping bag.
Bright Orange


Simple Red




Sky Blue


Cool Gray


Pure White



Poppins Bold

Poppins bold font.

Poppins Medium

Poppins medium font.

Poppins Light

Poppins light font.


DanGardan horizontal butterfly logo design.
DanGardan vertical butterfly logo design.


DanGardan business card design with a colorful butterfly logo and logo mark pattern.
DanGardan letterhead design with a colorful butterfly logo and logo mark pattern.
DanGardan envelope design with a colorful butterfly logo and logo mark pattern.
DanGardan complete stationery set including business card, letterhead and envelope.

our customers feedback

We tasked Leon Creative Design to come up with a colorful , simple, yet eye-catching brand around our eCommerce Shop name - DanGardan, and they didn’t disappoint. After some back and forth consultations we were presented with the perfect Logo and brand collateral which matched our ethos and vision for the Store. Wed highly recommend Leon Creative Design for all our brand design needs in the future.

Sanat VermaCo founder,

Leon Creative Design's work gracefully captured the concept. I am so grateful to have worked with such a talented and perceptive individual.

Muse of SpitfireCEO

Leon Creative Design did a great job to provide a simple, yet innovate logo. He also worked with us put together a comprehensive brand guide. Great work - we appreciate it!


The logo created for us by Leon Creative Design was the chosen one at first sight. We highly recommend them as branding problem solvers. Amazing work - Thanks!

Brindusa ChiuchisanNortia Consulting

Thanks for watching!

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